Morris Lubricants Race 4T 10W-30 Motorcycle Engine Oil

Race 4T 10W-30 is a highly stable motorcycle engine lubricant based on the latest developments in additive technology. Race 10W-30 circulates quickly during cold starts and provides a strong lubricating oil film at high temperatures. The additive system in Race 4T 10W-30 provides a high level of engine component cleanliness and protection from wear, rust and corrosion. These features ensure maximum component longevity, reliability and efficient engine operation. Race 4T 10W-30 has been used off-road, on road and on circuits as a competition lubricant with outstanding success.

Performance Levels:

Physical Characteristics
Appearance Amber liquid
Density at 15.6 oC 0.861
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 oC (cSt) 11.3
Viscosity Index 155
CCS @ -25oC (mPa.s) 7000 max
Closed Flash Point (oC) 214
Pour Point (
oC) -42
BN (mgKOH/g) 6.6
Figures based on average production values.