Why Choose Fleetguard Filters?2018-03-08T16:42:22+00:00

The filtration side of the business has also become increasingly more technical in protecting critical components in modern equipment designs. Reduced engineering tolerances need to be protected with more efficient filtration products. These high efficiency filters with enhanced filter media allow manufacturers to offer extended service intervals on equipment which was once not possible. High efficiency, extended service interval filters are available for a wide range of equipment. These extended service filters allow operators to maximise service intervals and reduce operating costs.

  • Filters for every fleet – Fleetguard has over 8,300 products covering the widest range of air, lube, fuel and hydraulic filters in the heavy duty industry.
  • Meets OEM specifications – Fleetguard engineers all products to meet or exceed OEM specifications to ensure engines and other systems get maximum life.
  • Backed by the best warranty in the business – With the most inclusive and comprehensive warranty in the industry, customers can have total confidence in their purchase.
Why Choose Morris Lubricants?2018-03-08T16:44:03+00:00

The lubricants side of the business has become increasingly more technical with advances in technology. Almost every machine is designed to run to the highest performance levels, to achieve these performance levels engineering tolerances have been reduced to a minimum and therefore the specification of the lubricating oil has become critical with many lubricants now produced solely with one dedicated application. This has seen a huge increase in the number of lubricant specifications available and is the reason why the industry has become so specialised. Morris Lubricants have one of the most advanced ranges of mineral, semi and fully synthetic lubricants and greases available.

  • Quality – continued investment in the latest laboratory equipment enables Morris Lubricants to deliver products for the most demanding of applications.
  • Innovation – cutting-edge research and development to create new and advanced technologies. Keeping in-tune with market trends, technical, and commercial demands, means they are able to deliver products which continue to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse client base.

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