Commercial Vehicle Mixed Fleet Oils Lubricants and Greases

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle lubricants Morris Lubricants have been delivering lubricant innovation since the very first diesel powered trucks rolled off the production line.

Morris Lubricants are constantly striving to develop the next generation of products that not only meet, but far exceed, their clients’ expectations. Their highly-skilled, expert team works in close collaboration with the world’s major commercial vehicle OEM’s to ensure that their manufacturer-approved range of products continues to meet the very latest and most stringent of global standards.

Their range of lubricant products for operators of trucks, buses, coaches, off-highway, mixed fleets and commercial vehicles includes:

Engine Oils, Gear and Transmission oils, Engine Coolants, Brake Fluids, Greases, Aerosols, Hygiene and Cleaning, Fuel additives, Suspension fluids.

Please contact our technical team directly to find out more about these products.

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