As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of automotive lubricants Morris Lubricants are constantly striving to develop the next generation of products that not only meet, but exceed manufacturer specifications.

Their manufacturer approved range of automotive products are developed in close collaboration with major automotive OEM’s, meeting the most stringent and rigorous of international standards. With a history of developing and manufacturing high-quality automotive lubricants dating back to the first motorcar, very few organisations can claim such a pedigree.

Morris Lubricants provide an extensive range of engine oils dedicated to the automotive sector.

2017 ushered in an important milestone for Morris Lubricants’ automotive engine oil range as it made the transition to the long-established and respected MULTIVIS brand name.

Multivis products are a range of superior quality engine oils suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. These latest synthetic technology products are an essential component in the operation of low emission engine designs. Their chemical profiles have been carefully tailored to ensure maximum after-treatment device compatibility.

Why change?
Increasingly complex automotive engine oil formulation and rate of innovation called for a new naming and coding structure that provides both longevity and consistency to the range. Secondly the MULTIVIS brand offers maximum trademark protection for over 80 emerging and competitive international markets in which Morris Lubricants now proudly operate.

If  you wish to find out more about these products or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact our technical team directly.

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