Morris Lubricants K41EP Multipurpose Grease

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Main application: This range of Lithium greases is highly recommended for all automotive use where a multipurpose grease is required for wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. All these greases are particularly suited for the lubrication of construction and mining equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovel and all off highway trucks where greased components are subjected to continuous heavy loads and shock loads. These greases can be applied by gun or used in centralised systems, capable of pumping the appropriate NGLI grade. The preferred recommendation for heavy duty applications in trucks, coaches and buses would be K2EP. As with all greases used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary purge prior to application. Likewise, as a general rule, take care not to over-lubricate and apply the quantity of grease recommended by the manufacturer.


Morris Lubricants K41EP Multipurpose Grease

These multipurpose Lithium based greases are prepared from highly refined mineral oil, with the addition of powerful sulphur phosphorus extreme pressure additives. This range of greases has exceptional mechanical stability, maintaining their consistency even after severe working. They are resistant to water washing, protect against rust and are non-corrosive to non-ferrous bearing metals and steel. Excellent high temperature stability allows these greases to be used up to 120C in continuous service and up to 150C for short periods.

K41EP to K43EP are premium quality multipurpose greases for use in all anti-friction and plain
bearings subjected to high shock load and vibration conditions. They are used extensively for
applications throughout industry and the automotive sector.
 Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance.
 High degree of corrosion protection.
 Multi-purpose grease particularly for heavy duty applications.

Performance Level:
DIN 51502 KP1N-20, KP2N-20, KP3N-20

Please consult technical data sheet for more information

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Dimensions 5169860 cm
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12.5 Kg, 50 Kg, 180 Kg

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