Finke AVIATICON Finkox LZ-84 Screw-In Cartridge 500g

Adhesive long-term fluid grease with EP additives


AVIATICON Finkox LZ-84 is a high-quality, long-term grease with EP additives, based on a lithium soap with partly synthetic base oil, light brown, of smooth consistency, NLGI Class 2.
AVIATICON Finkox LZ-84 optimizes cost-efficiency by increasing operational reliability while reducing maintenance costs. Its excellent stability allows the operator to extend the lubrication intervals after checking the conditions. Thanks to its wide range of special features, it can be used in several applications for which commonly available multi-purpose greases are not suitable.

A special selection of additives makes the AVIATICON Finkox LZ-84 absolutely water resistant, even in case of boiling salt water.

The full long-term effect of the AVIATICON Finkox LZ-84 sets in as soon as no other lubricating greases are available in the bearing; when for operational reasons the lubrication points can no longer be washed out, after several lubrications the product becomes fully effective.

Instructions for use:

  • For closed bearings, only fill up to one third
  • Before filling, bearings must be cleaned
  • Used greases should be completely removed from bearings