Morris Lubricants Liquimatic 1 (ISO VG 10) Hydraulic Oil

An ISO VG 10 high quality hydraulic oil formulated with Group II base fluids, incorporating ashless additive technology and available in a variety of viscosity grades. It is rust and oxidation inhibited and will provide protection against corrosion even in the presence of seawater. Excellent anti-wear properties provide protection against wear in the most demanding of systems. It also contains an effective anti-foam additive to facilitate the rapid release of air and reduce sponginess in system operation. This hydraulic oil meets the stringent filterability requirements of modern hydraulic machines and robotics.
Group II base oil technology ensures reduced evaporation losses in high temperature applications, particularly with the lower viscosity grades and improved deposit control in critical valve gear

 Zinc free, ashless additive  Rapid air release properties
 Excellent water separation properties  Excellent thermal stability
 Long oil life  Excellent filterability
 Compatible with all bronze, silver and steel system parts