Morris Lubricants Golden Film SAE 40 Classic Motor Oil

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Main application: Golden Film Classic Oils are recommended for use in veteran, classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and tractors, where engine design and tolerances prohibit the use of modern multigrade, high additive level oils. Modern dispersant additives keep combustion chamber contamination suspended in the lubricant, allowing full flow cartridge filters to remove it. Early oil filtration, usually in the form of a mesh gauze or strainer, is not efficient enough to remove this suspended material. Golden Film Oils are low dispersant oils and allow the suspended matter to drop harmlessly into the sump. Golden Film Classic Oils also have enhanced anti-foam properties ensuring optimised performance in motorcycle and automotive classic gearbox designs. Golden Film SAE 40 is an ideal choices for lightly loaded diesel engines used in canal boats, watercraft, older generators (e.g. Lister, Perkins), etc., where they can dramatically reduce the likelihood of bore glazing.


Morris Lubricants Golden Film SAE 40 Classic Motor Oil

Golden Film Classic Oils are a specialist range of high quality, low detergent/dispersant monograde lubricants. These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines and classic gearbox designs.

Appearance: Amber liquid
Density @ 15.6 °C  0.880
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °C (cSt)  129.7
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °C (cSt)  14.70
Viscsoity Index  114
Closed Flash Point (°C)  224
Pour Point (°C)  -30
Base Number (mgKOH/g) 6.0

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