Morris Lubricants De-ionised Water

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Main application: Morris Deionised Water exceeds the requirements of BS4974:1975 Grade B, “water for leadacid batteries”, and hence is highly recommended for battery top-up of all cars, trucks, agricultural and contractors plant. Also suited for battery top-up of forklift trucks, milk floats and golf carts where regular water top-up replacement is necessary.


Morris Lubricants De-ionised Water

Morris Deionised Water is produced by ion exchange process, which is recognised alternative to distillation. This method requires no external heat and involves passing “mains” water through special resins that have an affinity for the organic and inorganic ions present in the water. These ions are attracted to, and attach themselves to the resin and are hence removed from the water. Morris Deionised Water is therefore very low in metal ion content (e.g. iron, copper, manganese), other inorganic ions (e.g. sulphate, chloride etc) and hence has low conductivity.

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