Mato 18V 4000m/Ah Cordless Grease Gun

The Mato 18v cordless grease gun is designed to take the labour out of greasing machines!! Can be used with all cartridge types.

Comes with 18v Li-ion 4000m/Ah battery

Cordless grease gun 18 V Li-Ion can be used with:
400 g Lube-Shuttle® cartridges
400 g pull-off cartridges to DIN 1284
500 g screw in cartridges (Fuchs type)
Display with battery indicator and LED for overload protection

Operating voltage: 18v

Operating pressure: approx. 400bar                  Flow rate: approx. 100 ccm/min


  • Cartridge adaptor for 500g screw cartridges
  • Grease container for holding 400 g of pull-off cartridges or 500 cc of loose grease, supplied without
    grease cartridge
  • Battery pack 18V 4000 mAh
  • Charger
  • Charger/car
  • Power cable
  • 750 mm high pressure hose with 4 jaw hydraulic nozzle
  • 4 jaw hydraulic gripper nozzle G1/8″
  •  Carrying strap
  • Plastic case.

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