Multipurpose Lithium EP2 Grease – Screw-in cartridge 500g

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Multipurpose Lithium EP2 Grease – Screw-in cartridge 500g.  A premium quality mineral oil, lithium thickened NLGI No2 lubricant grease suitable for multi-purpose applications. Contains extreme pressure and oxidation resistant additives. Designed to reduce wear, improve grease performance and extend component life.

Operating temperature range: -20C to +140C


Remove the top cap and push the bottom insert up so that the grease is proud of the screw thread. Then screw the cartridge into a 500g compatible grease gun taking care not to over tighten.  When using this grease for the first time check the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations and the compatibility with any grease used previously, if necessary purge any greasing points or bearings prior to application.  As a general rule take care not to over apply. If necessary seek advice from your grease supplier.