Fleetguard DCA4 Supplemental Coolant Additive 1.89L

DCA4 contains Nitrite and Molybdate for liner pitting protection and phosphate for acid protection.

Color – Blue
Specific Gravity 1.148
pH (undiluted) 10.5
pH (@ 3.1% by volume in deionized water) 10.6
Reserve Alkalinity (@ 3.1% by volume in deionized water) 2.3

• Provides Improved Cylinder Liner Pitting Protection
• Provides Improved Aluminum and Solder Protection
• Less Tendency to Form Gel in Cooling System
• Improved Tolerance to SCA Under- or Over-charging
• Phosphate Buffers Are Less Likely to Cause Water Pump Leakage
• Less Toxic Than Borate/Nitrite Inhibitors