In Ireland, hedge cutting and the clearance of vegetation is restricted to the 6 month period September to February.

In Ireland, where there is relatively low cover of native woodland, hedges are of exceptional importance in providing food and shelter and habitats and corridors for maintaining wildlife diversity, particularly for birds, but also for other fauna and for wild plants. Wrens, dunnocks, robins, thrushes and willow warblers as well as many rarer species depend greatly on hedgerow habitats. In general, untrimmed, thorned hedgerows containing shrubs such as blackthorn, whitethorn, holly, briars and brambles are favoured by birds as they provide food, shelter, nesting places and protection from predators during the breeding season.

Groundforce Croma 30 Cutter Bar Oil is designed to meet all lumber industry, forestry, woodyard and estate management requirements. Provides excellent corrosion protection and improved chain performance in a wide range of climatic conditions.

 Reduce wear on cutter bar chain and sprockets
 Reduce buildup of messy foam
 Resist tendency to fling from fast moving parts
 Allow use in subzero temperatures
 Provide excellent corrosion protection

Groundforce Croma 30 is recommended for use in all chain lubrication systems and should be used in
accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations. Where biodegradable oils are required or desirable,
Terralus CBO should be selected.

Performance Levels
Groundforce Croma 30 is approved and endorsed by the British Agricultural & Garden Machinery